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Warranty, user guide, warranty extension

International certificateof guarantee


EN : International guarantee certificate

FR : Certificat internationel de garantie

DE : Internationaler garantieschien

IT : Certificato di garanzia internacionale

ES : Certificado de garantia internacionale

Your YUNIK watch with real Murano glass allows you to show off your distinctive personality. A watch as individual as you are. This piece of art captures the love and passion of Venice and exhibits an enchanting, one-of-a-kind beauty.Made of authentic certified Murano glass, your YUNIK wristwatch is distinguished by its resistance. However, as is customary when acquiring a small work of art, it is important to avoid any unnecessary stress, such as impacts on a hard surface. This product is purely artisanal, meticulously elaborated individually and manually with natural materials which can sometimes present particular irregularities specific to the various manufacturing processes (air microbubbles). It is precisely these unique parameters that give the product its magical and mysterious character. The watch is splash-proof.


We guarantee a two-year warranty for the YUNIK watch described in the provided warranty certificate, effective from the date of purchase. This warranty applies to all YUNIK watches for which the warranty certificate has been correctly filled out by the authorised dealer, or which have been purchased directly from YUNIK. The warranty covers all material and manufacturing flaws. For the duration of this warranty, all work, including adjustments, repairs or part replacement will be conducted for free, with the exclusion of the following damages :

– Limited battery duration. Normal wear and ageing (e.g. discolouration of non-metallic materials in the band and band links, e.g. leather, cloth, rubber).

– Damage to any part of the watch caused by inappropriate or improper use, inadequate maintenance, neglect, accidents (impacts, dents, crushing, broken glass, etc.).

– Incorrect manipulation of the watch. Neglect of the user instructions for YUNIK watches. Indirect or direct damage of any kind resulting from use, improper functioning, flaws, or lack of precision of the YUNIK watch in cases where the watch has been handled by a non authorised person (e.g. for replacement of the battery, servicing or repairs), or under circumstances where the original condition of the watch has been altered outside of YUNIK‘s control, for example through an accident or through intervention by a non-approved third party.

– This warranty does not extend to leather wristbands, glass or the glass case, nor to normal wear.


If YUNIK is unable to repair the watch, the watch will be replaced by another YUNIK watch with comparable or similar characteristics.The warranty for the replacement watch expires two years after acquisition of the watch. The manufacturer shall not be liable for other claims against YUNIK, for example for additional damages not detailed in this warranty, with the exception of mandatory buyer‘s rights. This manufacturer warranty is independent of any warranty provided by the shop to the buyer, for which they are solely responsible, and does not affect the buyer‘s rights regarding the seller. If you have a claim, please return your YUNIK watch together with the warranty certificate to the YUNIK dealer where you purchased the watch or send it directly to our repairs department detailed on the next page.


Repair Service Center :



Rue Victor-Helg 18

CH-2800 Delémont


Use of the system


Normal position (position of the watch wearing position): when the crown is positioned against the case, the crown ensures the water-resistance of the watch.

Setting the time: hours, minutes and seconds (seconds if applicable).

– Pull the crown gently out of the case. The second hand stops.

– Turn the crown forward or backward.

– Synchronize the seconds by pushing the crown back into position against the case so that it coincides with a given time signal.

Extended warranty One more year free of charge

Garantie - montre - quittance

To obtain this extension, please send us the following information by e-mail to:

Your contact details
– Name, First name :
– Country :
– E-mail:

The documents
– Picture of your completed warranty*.
– Picture of your proof of purchase (receipt, …).
– Picture of your watch.

*Some watches do not have an engraved reference number. In this case the “Ref.” field of the warranty does not have to be filled in.

We promise not to disclose this information to third parties