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History of Murano glass

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Murano glass enchants with its brilliant colours and high quality. But what lies behind this glass, which has fascinated lovers and collectors all over the world for centuries? It is known that glass artists from the 13th century succeeded in securing a monopoly with their secret knowledge over time. The Murano glass contributed to the incredible wealth of Venice as one of Europe’s most important commercial and economic centre. In 1291, in order to prevent fires in the centre of Venice and to protect the secret knowledge about production, all glass artists were brought to the neighbouring island of Murano. They were forbidden to leave the island on penalty of death. Today, about 100 small businesses are still in possession of one of the greatest craft secrets in art history. To master this art, which was originally passed down from generation to generation over centuries, an extensive education is necessary. For more than 10 years, Murano artists have to learn the skills, working with the glass at temperatures of up to 800°C.